Verace #3 w/ Avizohar

Itzik Gil aka Avizohar is a Jerusalem-born, Hamburg-based multidisciplinary artist and an active part of the Israeli scene as a composer & sound artist. He’s one of the core members of the experimental art collective @studio_straus . Apart from his Avizohar alias, Itzik is also one half of the enigmatic noise duo Kashaiof which recently premiered their debut EP via LA-based label ‘Chondritic Sound’ Both of his projects are a strong reflection to Jerusalem’s underground sound full of dichotomies and conflicts. For this mix, Avizohar delivers us a straight-forward, high energized collage of his favorite metal anthems dedicated to all those who fight nowadays against depressive monarchies and corrupted systems. THE ONLY GOOD SYSTEM IS THE SOUND SYSTEM. PLAY LOUD!!!

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