Studio Strauss (ISR)

The infamous Studio Straus collective and venue
from ultra orthodox Mea Shearim is a cultural powerhouse
in Jerusalem’s underground and experimental music & art scene.
From papamummy to separated twins and abortion boys, this mix demonstrates
the incest between their in-house projects, friends and collaborators.


1) Yoel Peled- תסקיט1
2) Avizohar Meyuhass- אושר
3) Maxim Turbo- Flours In Your Eyes
4) מפטאל- עזה
5) Meira Asher- Shahid 1
6) Wackelkontakt- Progress
7) Andarta- Weapon
8) Cadaver Eyes- Mivtza
10) Kashaiof- A Closet
11) Tiny Tramp- Chocolate Jesus
12) Behave- Jungle Song
13) Yoel Peled- שקט מרפא את העין המדממת
14) Avizohar- Run Deep (feat. Karkait)
15) Karkait- Hod Ve'Hadar // הוד והדר

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