Phinery (DAN) - late winter early spring mix

Late winter / early spring MIX

Phinery BIO: Time can’t hear us. We try to categorize it; divide it; portion it out; mould it into manageable shapes. It can’t be done. We speak to time; time speaks but it cannot listen. We are the ones who must listen, and to listen we must create space.
Phinery creates space by liquefying borders between artistic expression and its documentation. Sound and art installations, performances, the written word: ephemeral experience finds its reflection in captured moments.
Within fluid space new currents align. Contemplation is effervescent. New channels of communication flow. Documentation becomes collaboration. We dive into such space and truly experience time. We experience, we hear, and new energy flourishes

I put this mix together while waiting for my COVID19 test results after feeling under the weather for a few days. Inspired by the change of seasons and the last freezing cold and bright days of late winter / early spring. I wanted to highlight the amazingly talented Danish composers and artists I’ve been lucky enough to work with since the beginning of Phinery in 2014.


Jacob Kirkegaard - Munk (part 1)

Grøn - Igennem Vand

Sofie Birch - Dybvig

Marehelm - hTopl

Sandra Boss - Music For Empty Tapes (vers. 2019)

Ragnhild May - Langsom Bølge (live @ Vega)

Julie Østengaard - Augmented Fountain

O. V. - The Shadows Overlapped And Parted

Yuri - Mimetite

Martin Kozak - Hverfa

Outer Nothingness - Fog

øjeRum - Engle Danser i Sneen

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