Morning Flux #7 w/ Joan La Faim (march2021)

Mix mattutino curato da Joan La Faim. Psichedelia per flora acquatica e colazioni tranquille 🙂


Nomadic green - troth (small movements in radiance)

  • Water memory 1 - emily a. Sprague (water memory)
  • Reminescence + change - Les halles & magnètophonique (split II)
  • Concerto for philodendron and pothos - mort garson - (mother heart's plantasia)
  • Hivernation - loto retina (split tape)
  • A little long way - woo (into the heart of love)
  • Planet caravan - black sabbath (paranoid)
  • Hey let loose your love - The focus group
  • I see so i see so - broadcast e focus group (Investigate witch cults of the Radio Age)
  • Bo le pentagone - chambry
  • Pokala - Inoyama Land
  • Contracts - Archie shepp & Jasper Van't Hoff (mama rose

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