Maple Death Records (CAN/UK) w/ SabaSaba

Maple Death Records is an independent label that escaped Canadian soil and is now based in London, UK / Bologna, Italy. Living the unexplored noisier side of things.

This mix is edited by Andrea Marini from SabaSaba. "The trio of Tommaso Bonfilio (tape loops, drum machine, organ), Andrea Marini (electronics, flute, guitar, bells) and Gabriele Maggiorotto (drums, percussion, effects) is a rare beast, night phantoms embarking on a digital dust adventure set in a world punctuated by Ballard’s dreams and William Gibson’s visions."


- Lamusa II - Vipera Aspis
- Macker - Faust Isolation
- Jerome - Framework
- DJ Plead - RT3
- Mica Levi - Delete Beach
- YL Hooi - Prince S Version
- CS + Kreme - Faun House
- Wisecrack - Wrongful Death
- Phew - New World
- Lutto Lento - VERSION Epilogue
- Silvia Kastel - The Closer The Stranger
- Tarawangsawela - Selalu
- Dijit - Green Fish Love Bite
- Hiro Kone - Ferry Home
- Ancient Plastix - Late Summer Low
- Brodinski & Sebastian Forrester - Slabs

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