Gradient Effervescente #10 w/ Loraaxis (febr2021)

you, me and the Fruscia w/ Loraaxis

una serie di edo-core senza le alte (per lo piĆ¹)


Katie Dey - All
The Books - Smells Like Content
Gia Margaret - Lesson
Lucio Battisti - Il Salame
Kate NV - TWO
Laurel Halo - Airsick
Mid Air Thief - Why
Carol Glue - Fork Teeth Drama/Sanders
MeiTei - Curio
The Microphones - I'll Not Contain You
Bugskull - Elfin Majic
Wanda Group - No B Vision Ever
MIKE - Fortune Teller
Slauson Malone (feat. Taphari) - King Sisyphus of the Atlantic (feat. Taphari)
Earl Sweatshirt (feat. Navy Blue) - The Mint