Eraserhear #7 "Bang Bang Shoot Shoot" by Coco Modo

Mix akkatastato di brani del nuovo e vecchio weird italiano.


- Just Another Day how to survive an active shooter event on campus

-Active shooter video

-RUN!HIDE!FIGHT! Active attacker training - Wayne State University

-surviving an active aggressor

-I'm not ashamed (2016, Brian Baugh)

-Run Hide Fight - Sotto assedio (2020, Kyle Rankin)

-Hello Herman (2012, Michelle Danner)

We need to talk about Kevin aka …e ora parliamo di Kevin (2011, Lynne Ramsay)

-The Dirties (2013, Matt Johnson)

-Bowling a Columbine (2002, Michael Moore)

South Park 22x01 (2018, Trey Parker)

If anything happens I love u aka Se succede qualcosa, vi voglio bene (2020, Will McCormack e Michael Govier)

-American Horror Story Season 1 (2011, Ryan Murphy e Brad Falchuk) Twisted nerve from Kill Bill vol.1(2003, Quentin Tarantino)

-Elephant (2003, Gus Van Sant)

-Bang Bang You're Dead aka Bang bang, sei morto (2002, Guy Ferland)

If… aka Se… (1968, Lindsay Anderson)

Happiness is a warm gun by The Beatles (1968)

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