Artetetra & Communion vs the Alkisah Network "TRANSGLOBAL MISCELLANEA"

Communion & Artetetra present a selection of tracks from collaborating imprints and artists from the Alkisah Network. Welcome to the new Global Jukebox. HA!


Arrington de Dionyso – Kabau Remix
DJ Die Soon and Max Kelan - Either Stew (Avon Terror Corps)
Y-DRA - Sayyidah Sound Sistim (Yes No Wave)
Mock Universe - two not human scientists on hive-order inspect (IN: EX)
Los Sara Fontan - Kekuasaan Godaan (Gandula and Galleta)
The Last Quokka – Pictures of the End (Stock Records)
Naturalismo - Cavo (For Zbigniew Karkowski) (School of the Arts)
Ken Ueno & dj sniff - San (Senko Issha)
Bitchin Bajas - No Tabac (les albums claus)
Mangulica FM - There is a crack in everything, thats how I … (Orgone Dealers)
Rama Anggara - 02 Fasih (remix oleh Rama Anggara) (Kontingen Kalbar)
Costes - france is so bad (Drowned by locals)
Harto - Fantasy zone (Galleta records)
Ldgu - Kiamat DAD (Dodol Aceh Dub) (Artetetra/Communion)

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