Playing with frequencies and electricity to shape sounding environments.

Part of Misto Mame collective.
1/3 of Riforma screw-wave label, together with Lapo Sorride & NOT399093.

Mixing for and broadcasting from 00185fm, Radio Sygma (Wide.Mesh) and Radio Blackout (Matinée XXL).



long bio:

Adriano Cava is an independent researcher, composer, and sound designer based in Turin, Italy.

In 2020 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at University of Roma Tre and he is currently following the Master’s program in Cultural Anthropology at University of Torino. In his academic research he worked on the relationship between ecology and ontology, focusing on the social and technical construction of space.

Since 2016, Adriano Cava plays as a solo musician and in different group projects, exploring both computer music, electroacoustic and impro free-form music. He performs around Europe as Altrimenti, Adriano Cava and with Lametia trio,releasing albums on several labels such as Second Sleep, Union Editions, and Mahorka. He also works as a composer for theatre, mostly with Teatro Mobile in Rome. Since 2018 Adriano is part of Misto Mame, a collective spread between Rome, Turin, Bruxelles and beyond, organising concerts between Rome and Turin.

He is the co-founder of Riforma label, a catalogue of experimental electronic music, while collaborating with Radio Blackout (FM radio from Turin) and 00185fm (Misto Mame’s web radio). He also appears as a selector and dj for different international web radios such as Radio Sygma, Radio Raheem, Radio Arte Mobile, Orsimanirana.

Upcoming Shows:

27.07 Glomere Berg Fest (Rorà)

30.08 Shawala Festival (Fattizie)

31.08 Bari


Past Shows


29.05.2024 Adobe Bookshop (San Francisco)

7.04.2024 Bar Freda (New York)

12.03.2024 Lilla Baren (Stockholm)

23.2.24 Radio Blackout, djset (Torino)

2.2.24 Tatwerk (Berlin)

12.1.24 Radio Blackout, djset (Torino)

12.12.23 Sterput (Bruxelles)

9.12.23 Diamante D’Oro (Strasbourg)

8.12.23 Le Zorba (Paris)

26.11.23 secret place, djset (Susa)

13.11 23 Fanfulla (Roma)

7.3.23 Bread & Rose (Bari)

6.2.23 Teatro Basilica (Roma)

11.2.23 Baraccio (Catania)

26.12.23 Radio Blackout (Torino)

18.1.23 C3 (Milano)

4.1.23 Salone Mirella (Roma)

27.12.22 Circolo Arci Subasio (Foligno)

25.11.22 None Collective (Roma)

16.10.22 New Touquet (Bruxelles)

11.09.22 Short Theatre (Roma)

21.07.22 La Meandre (Chalon Sur Saone)

20.04.22 Spettro (Brescia)


15.06.24 Campalvero13 (Biella)

14.06.24 secret show (Salò)

13.06.24 Yucca Fest (Padova)

12.06.24 Asile (Torino)

11.06.24 Boto’s Farm (Cuneo)

9.06.24 Handmade Festival (Guastalla)

8.06.24 Arci Subasio (Foligno)

7.06.24 Fanfulla 5/a (Roma)

5.8.23 FRAC Festival (Lamezia Terme)

3.8.23 Mamamù (Napoli)

17.6.23 MDS Festival (Madonna Del Sasso)

8.5.23 Des Arts (Torino)

20.3.23 Museo Delle Navi Romane (Nemi)

8.1.23 76/a (Napoli)
7.1.23 Trenta Formiche (Roma)
29.10.22 Caracol Old Jackson (Vicenza)
28.10.22 Circolo Iam (Milano)
13.10.22 Boto’s house (Cuneo)
25.09.22 Radio Blackout (Torino)
24.09.22 Museo di Storia Naturale (Novara)
23.09.22 Arci Tom (Mantova)
21.09.22 Freakout (Bologna)
17.09.22 Teatrofficina Refugio (Livorno) + Oracle Column
16.09.22  Fanfulla 5/a (Roma)
15.08.22 Shawala, Spazio500 (Vigolo Vattaro)
31.07.22 Holydays Festival (Scopoli)
14.05.22 Asilo (Roma)
08.01.22 Fanfulla 5/a (Roma)



as Altrimenti (dead project)

21.09.21 Povera (Torino)
20.08.21  Non Frequenze Festival (Torino)
2.09.19 MKC Kombinat (Belgrad) with Francesca Colombo
1.09.19 Fabrika Autonomia (Sofia) with Francesca Colombo
30.09.19 Communitism (Athen) with Francesca Colombo
27.06.19 Mikasa (Bologna) with Francesca Colombo
23.05.19 Trenta Formiche (Roma) with Francesca Colombo
11.05.19 Asile404 (Marseille)
30.11.18 Klang (Roma) with Gabriele Ilardi
24.04.18 Rashmon (Roma)


2019 perfomances in Rome

1. Primavera 00185 (Misto Mame)
2. Primavera 00185 (Trenta Formiche)
3. Click Remover Release Party (Trenta Formiche)
4. Crack Festival (Forte Prenestino)
5. Baba Festival (Fanfulla 5a)